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Cane Seat Weaving

Cane seat projects involve straight seats and backs, round seats and backs with compound curves.

Materials include natural strand cane from the Rattan Palm and plastic cane.

There is tremendous strength in a freshly caned chair so it should be used and not set aside as an untouchable parlor piece.

It is a living, working piece of art.

Pressed Cane Weaving

Machine cane or pressed cane or pre woven cane is made in Hong Kong and in Indonesia.

A pressed cane seat is very strong and can be installed faster than hardwood cane.

Our aim is to exactly restore your pieces to its original look.

Rush Seat Weaving

Rush seating is more rustic than cane seats and has a beautiful look when finished. Fiber Rush (twisted paper rush) is dimensionally constant, strong and durable.

Quality antique chairs and other furniture should be caned with natural rush to retain its good looks and value.

Shaker Tape Weaving

A beautiful way to weave chair seats is by using shaker tape.

Shaker tape is woven cotton webbing and comes inn a variety of colors.

Soft and strong, it is woven around a foam cushion.

Antique Chair Refinishing

Many antique chairs become dry, dirty, and loosened from many years of use.

Before caning, each piece is thoroughly cleaned, reglued, and the original finish polished & enhanced to restore the original luster.

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