Weaver Chair Caning is a Plymouth, MA home-based antique chair-seat weaving business serving families, antique dealers, furniture restorers, and interior decorators in Eastern Massachusetts (including Cape Cod), and Rhode Island. Services include basic chair re-furbishing and cane, rush, pressed cane, and "Shaker tape" seat weaving. Pickup, delivery, and consultation are free.

I work with respected and talented artisans to provide special services including blind (French) caning, sun ray patterning, and the careful rebuilding of very old and delicate pieces that sometime require the fabrication of new parts and/or a complete refinishing.

Weaver Chair Caning works hard and in a timely manner to restore your beloved antique chairs and other caned furniture to their original splendor.

More Services

Antique Refurbishing

Many antique chairs become dry, dirty, and loosened from years of use.


Offering shaker tape weaving, rush seat weaving, and cane seat weaving.

Pressed Cane Installation

A pressed cane seat is very strong and can be installed faster than hand woven cane.

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